heartsofroses said: Latte espresso macchiato

YAY! Questions hehe thankyou! These are really hard ones.

Espresso: Describe your usual morning routine.

My morning routine… haha in the summer I don’t really have one! I wake up, brush my teeth, and watch TV, or lie around in bed - then eventually eat. During school, it’s more structured; I wake up, brush my teeth, change into my uniform, then do my hair & make up and then eat before I’m out the door ( this takes me about an hour and a 10 minutes).

 Macchiato: Name two things you think go well together and why.

Wow… haha! Um, I would have to say that two things that go well together are spaghetti and tacos… also known as Speghetti Tacos from iCarly. I tried them and they are truly a work of art. Go try them, cuz that’s what I want to eat everyday.

Latte: List three aspects of your personality that you love.

Ahhh, the questions keep getting harder! Haha this is almost an impossible question for me because I really want to change a lot of my personality… (Oops).
1 - I ”love” my humor… I’d like to think that I’m a funny person (a comedic genius.. haha kidding) but I’m probably not. I laugh at badly worded sentences but what can you do :P
2 - I “love” my ummm niceness? I think that I’m a pretty caring and friendly person.
3 - I love my…. creativity (is that a trait? too bad it is now haha). I can truthfully say that I am proud of my writing, acting, and musical talents; a long with other random artistic and creative abilities.

Ahah, yay! Thankyou again!
Ask me questions guys! I love it!<3

Send me a cup of coffee.
  • Espresso: Describe your usual morning routine.
  • Decaf: Impersonate one of your friends.
  • Macchiato: Name two things you think go well together and why.
  • Latte: List three aspects of your personality that you love.
  • Flat White: Confess the most recent crime you committed.
  • Iced: Make the weirdest face you can.
  • Cappuccino: Describe your ideal wedding.
  • Drip: Post a photo of a stuffed animal you own.
  • Mocha: Name one of your guilty pleasures.
  • Doppio: List two of your dream travel locations and why.
  • Black: Recall the worst insult you've ever received.
  • Americano: Post a photo of your favorite outfit.
  • Kopi: Describe an incident when you tried something new.

happy-ellen said: 4,15 & 23 :) and i think your blog is so nice! <3

Ahhh! Yay! Questions to answer :) haha

Thank you soo much! I think your blog is lovely! :*

4. Would you ever smile at a stranger? Of course I would! What if that smile is the only one they saw for the day? (And I’m also uncomfortable when people make eye contact with me and don’t smile haha)

15. Do you care if people talk badly about you? Unfortunately, I care way too much. I think I’m a people pleaser as much as I like to say that I’m not!

23. Are you nice to everyone? I try to be! It’s harder for me to be nice to people when they’re rude to me, but I try (also because I don’t like confrontation haha)

Thank you again for asking me these!! :D

(Anyone else, feel free to do the same! <3)

  -  1 September

lifemomentswonder said: Hello dear, just wanted to let you know your blog is amazing well done! I am so definitely following you! Could you please check my architecture website (there is a red link creativeinteriordesigns in my blog, under the title) ? :) Thank you very much dear! :)

Awhh thank you so much! I followed you back and I’ll def check out your other blog for you! :) Have a great day!<3

  -  1 September
  • 1. Post a picture of u?
  • 2. Would you date an 18-year-old at the age you are now?
  • 3. Do you prefer to be friends with girls or boys?
  • 4. Would you ever smile at a stranger?
  • 5. Can you commit to one person?
  • 6. How do you look right now?
  • 7. What exactly are you wearing right now?
  • 8. How often do you listen to music?
  • 9. Do you wear jeans or sweats more?
  • 10. Do you think your life will change dramatically before 2015?
  • 11. Are you a social or an antisocial person?
  • 12. If the person you like says they like someone else, what would you say?
  • 13. Are you good at hiding your feelings?
  • 14. Can you drive a stick shift?
  • 15. Do you care if people talk badly about you?
  • 16. Are you going out of town soon?
  • 17. When was the last time you cried?
  • 18. Have you ever liked someone you didn’t expect to?
  • 19. If you could change your eye color, would you?
  • 20. Name something you have to do tomorrow?
  • 21. Name something you dislike about the day you’re having.
  • 22. Have you ever liked one of your best friends of the opposite sex?
  • 23. Are you nice to everyone?
  • 24. What are you sitting on right now?
  • 25. Do you think you can last in a relationship for 6 months and not cheat?
  • 26. Have you ever wanted someone you couldn’t have?
  • 27. Who was the last person you talked to before you went to bed last night?
  • 28. Do you get a lot of colds?
  • 29. Have your pants ever fallen down in public?
  • 30. Does anyone hate you?
  • 31. Do you have someone of the opposite sex you can tell everything to?
  • 32. Do you like watching scary movies?
  • 33. Are you a jealous person?
  • 34. If you had to delete one year of your life completely, which would it be?
  • 35. Did you have a dream last night?
  • 36. Is there anyone you can tell EVERYTHING to?
  • 37. Do you think you’ll be married in 5 years?
  • 38. Do you think someone has feelings for you?
  • 39. Do you think someone is thinking about you right now?
  • 40. Did you have a good day yesterday?
  • 41. Think back 2 months ago; were you in a relationship?
  • 42. Is your life anything like it was two years ago?
  • 43. If the person you wish to be with were with you, what would you be doing right now?
  • 44. What’s the best part about school?
  • 45. Do you have any pictures on your Facebook?
  • 46. Do you ever pass notes to your friends in school?
  • 47. Do you replay things that have happened in your head?
  • 48. Were you single over the last summer?
  • 49. What are you supposed to be doing right now?
  • 50. Don’t tell me lies, is the last person you texted attractive?